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AreYouIn - Event Planner


"AreYouIn: Organizing Things Together is a fast social tool to organize your events, nights out, weddings, soccer games together with your friends. In the world of communications today, there isn’t an efficient tool to organize an event - FAST, without too many useless comments.
1st - Choose a category: Soccer, Poker, Yoga, Movie, Wedding, or write one of your own.2nd - Choose the title of the event, the location, and the date and hour.3rd - Limit the number of the invitees.4th - Go out and have fun!
AreYouIn is an innovative and fun event planning tool that lets you organize events in large groups of people.Choose a limit of guests that can confirm the event, and make the creation of the event go automatically. So, you can invite even 30 people, but if you decided 6 people in the box ofMax.People, the invitation will close automatically.A perfect new solution for all you poker and soccer players.
Responses are super-fast with no useless clutter or the inefficiency found in other event coordinating and event planners apps.
New! Version 2.0Hello everyone! Today, after a long research time, we area releasing our new AreYouIn App 2.0 Version. Moments before our big step, you can find a lot of new cool features, new design and a few more surprises.
* Chat! Inside each event you can find an internal chat to organize your things together.* Announce inside Chat - From now, only in AreYouIn, the organizer can "Announce" an importantmessage from the group chat. Those messages will be collected in one place, at the " Event Board ".* Members Invite Friends - In each event members can invite their friend to the event, and so on...* Max People - You can limit your invitees and let the invitation succeed automatically! Without you having to call, and convince
Version 1.0
* SEND EVENT INVITATIONS TO YOUR FRIENDS: Invite as many people as you like to your Friday Soccer Game, Movie Night or Poker Night
* LIMIT THE EVENT INVITEES WITH MAX.PEOPLE FEATURE: If you decide that the Basketball game tonight is only for 10 people, the first 10 guests that says Yes to the event, will be the ones to come, and the event will close automatically.
* CONFIRM AN EVENT AND GIVE IT A GO ! (Only an Organizer Privilege).
* Synchronize Your Mobile Calendar: Synch your daily events to your mobile calendar, and stay updates on everything, al the time.
* FUN & INNOVATIVE YES/NO EVENT RESPONDER: A cool pop-up that makes your today long & irritating events organizing, to a FAST and FUN experience.
AreYouIn App is in it’s firstly phase. We have a lot of future surprises for you:
* Sharing Picture & Videos of the events with friends and family.* Chat for every internal event.* Polls for organizing things together.* And much more to come, until you will have the best 360 event planner for you.** AreYouIn staff promise to you - Your events will be much more fun, if the organization will be more smooth and fast!
--------------------------------------------------------- We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:
or follow us on Facebook or Twitter:`
Note: AreYouIn is a mobile app, so iPod and iPad are not supported devices."